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Human Evolution - a human hand reaching for a gorilla's handLEARN MORE
Our Human Evolution course will take you on an awe-inspiring journey, spanning billions of years, from the origins of life on Earth to the evolution of modern human populations.
Mathematica Essentials - Wolfram logo with outline of polyhedronLEARN MORE
Mathematica Essentials is a comprehensive first course in Mathematica by Wolfram. Mathematica can be used in ANY computational field: financial analysis, machine learning, data visualization, bioinformatics, speech recognition, and much, much more.
T-Shirt with a Python logo except the snake is speaking and saying a list comprehensionSHOP NOW
Reward your inner geek with everything from Python T-shirts to #Darwinning stickers.
Study Tips book sitting on a deskLEARN MORE
Would you like to have the key to becoming a great student? Being smart is just not enough these days.
Socratica Foundation - an educational nonprofit LEARN MORE
The Socratica Foundation is an educational nonprofit. We give students the tools to meet the demands of a changing world.
Davinci Resolve title with the Resolve logo next to itLEARN MORE
Would you like to learn how Socratica makes our videos? Join along as we share our secret tips & tricks for efficient editing in DaVinci Resolve!


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How to be a great student

By Kimberly Hatch Harrison

Who's watching Socratica videos?  People who want to LEARN MORE.  We have another way you can improve—by STUDYING SMARTER.  HOW TO BE A GREAT STUDENT is the true story of a smart kid who figured out the BEST ways to study.  Learn the secrets from the author of our popular Study Tips series.  

Now available in ebook and paperback.

Cover of the book How To Be A Great Student by Kimberly Hatch Harrison