Python - Volume 1

Learn the core of the Python language - looping, data structures, key modules, and how to write "Pythonic" code.
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SQL for Beginners

Learn essential SQL operations with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries in this focused course. Explore views, master Postgres features, and optimize with indexes. Gain practical skills for real-world database management.
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AI Essentials

The Age of AI is here! We're building a course to teach people the essentials of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. From neural networks to LLMs, we'll take a grand tour of this world changing technology.

Python - Volume 2

Dive into Object-Oriented Programming, advanced data structures, and more. Designed for those familiar with Python basics, this course includes hands-on exercises to elevate your coding prowess.
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Life Itself

Biology is the study of Life. In this course, we will explore topics in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Viruses, Evolution, Bacteria and Archaea, Protists, Plants (Botany), Fungi, Animals (Zoology), Anatomy & Physiology,Reproduction, Development, Animal Behavior, and Ecology.


Dive into the world of professional typesetting with our online LaTeX course. Master the art of creating scientific papers, theses, and presentations with elegance and precision. This course will guide you through the essential skills to craft beautifully formatted documents, from basic structure to advanced mathematical expressions.
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Python - Volume 3

It's epic...

Brace yourself for a Python adventure that turns mere mortals into coding legends, with challenges not for the faint of heart.
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