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Socratica provides a range of educational materials, including handouts, practice tests, and booklets, all created by knowledgeable authors. Visit our online store for straightforward and helpful resources to support your studies.


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In our podcast Socratica Reads, we explore books that inspire us at Socratica. From classics to hidden gems, we discuss works that intellectually engage and personally enrich. Ideal for lifelong learners, educators, and book enthusiasts.
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Discover Books by Our Educators: Dive deeper into subjects you love with works penned by the teaching minds behind Socratica.


The Socratica Method

Explore the making of Socratica's educational content in our behind-the-scenes blog, The Socratica Method. Gain insights into our creative process, from concept development to final product, and discover how we bring depth and clarity to complex subjects. Ideal for educators and content creators.