Course curriculum

    1. 5 Branches of Chemistry

    1. History of the Atom (Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, and Bohr Models)

    2. Introduction to the Periodic Table - Dmitri Mendeleev

    3. Periodic Table Quiz

    1. Classifying Matter - Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

    2. What is a metal and metallic properties?

    3. Is this a CHEMICAL REACTION? Chemical vs Physical changes

    4. 5 Types of Chemical Reactions + Activity Series, Solubility Rules

    5. What are Intermolecular Forces?

    6. What is an Ionic Bond?

    7. What is a Covalent Bond? (Polar & Nonpolar, Intramolecular Forces)

    8. Ionic Bonds vs Covalent Bonds - Which is STRONGER?

    1. Scientific Notation - very BIG & very SMALL numbers

    2. Significant Figures - Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Sig Figs

    3. Introduction to Unit Conversion

    4. Advanced Unit Conversion

    1. The MOLE & Avogadro's Number

    2. Boyle's Law (Gas Laws) with 2 example problems

    3. Charles's Law (Gas Laws) with 2 example problems

    4. Gay-Lussac's Law (Gas Laws) with 2 example problems

    5. Ideal Gas Law + 5 example problems

    6. How to Write Electron Configuration - 6 examples + Exceptions Chromium & Copper

    7. What is pH? How to Calculate pH (3 examples)

    8. pH of 10 Common Household Liquids - acid or base - pH scale

    9. Balancing Chemical Equations by Inspection, Counting Atoms

    10. Balancing Chemical Equations with Algebra

    11. Average Atomic Mass - amu and Daltons

    12. Molecular Formula vs Empirical Formula

    13. Empirical Formula - 3 example problems

    14. Molar Mass and Gram Molecular Mass

    15. Intro to Stoichiometry - Moles to Moles + Example Problems

    16. Percent Composition - 2 example problems

    17. Introduction to Stoichiometry - Moles & Grams + Example Problems

    18. Limiting Reactants & Limiting Reagents - 2 example problems

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Kimberly earned her BS in Biology and another BS in English at Caltech. She did her graduate work in Molecular Biology at Princeton, specializing in Immunology and Neurobiology. Kimberly spent 16+ years as a research scientist and a dozen years as a biology and chemistry instructor.

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