When Does School Start?!

Where did I get this idea that school starts after Labor Day? 

I've always LOVED the start of a new school year. So much promise.

But I thought school started in Fall. No?

I polled our Socratica audience on YouTube, and for so many, school started in August.

12% in the first week, 11% in the second week, 12% in the third week...you get the idea.

These poor kids

I could have sworn...

Is this some kind of Mandela Effect?

Who thinks this is a good idea? It is literally still summer.

At least here in Sunny Los Angeles, the hottest time of the year is the end of August and beginning of September. Given that a lot of schools still don't have air conditioning, wouldn't you think school should start later?

And oh LORDY don't get me started on when (what hour) school starts. That's going to be a whole other blog post—I could write a book.

Speaking of books, have you bought your copy of my book yet?

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Send a copy to someone you love (who has already started school, apparently).


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