Planting Seeds

January. We've been puttering in the garden, planting seeds.

I thought radishes were supposed to be easy to grow?

Although it really is easy to grow most plants in sunny Los Angeles, it can be a challenge to get them started from seed. Partly because it's hard to know what season it is, really. It's sunny and 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit most days (around 10-15 Celsius). So even though it's technically Winter, the plants mostly think it's Spring...I think. All that advice on seed packets about "after the last frost" We can plant now? Always?

Despite the confusion, it's been a fun project, watching the seedlings sprout up and take shape, figuring out what they need to thrive. So far we can say that lettuce greens and herbs are happy to be here in January—cucumbers, not so much. We're experimenting with different conditions, asking advice, and watching a lot of YouTube videos. We're learning as we go.

At the same time as our vegetable garden gets underway, we're planting a seed of a different variety. Something that might take years to grow, but we expect big things from it.

Introducing: The Socratica Foundation.

The Socratica Foundation is our new educational nonprofit. This is how we're going to continue our Socratica Kids work, providing young learners with the essentials—literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking.

Next comes Socratica High, for more advanced students.

(After that, we hope people will continue learning with us at Socratica.)

The Socratica Foundation will also be the umbrella for our international educational efforts, including Socratica Español and Socratica Português.

We're just getting off the ground. We hope we have some growth to report soon.

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