How to Take Online Classes

Have your classes gone online?

Because of the Covid19 pandemic, schools around the world are shutting down and sending their students home.

That's not to say that education is coming to a halt.

Most schools are scrambling to put classes online. For many students AND teachers, this is their first experience with distance learning.

It's kind of a meta experience, in some sense - everyone has to learn HOW to learn in this way.

We've signed up for a few online classes over the years, but honestly, we've never actually completed a whole course this way.

Did you know that the completion rate for online courses hovers around THREE PERCENT?

We put our minds to it and gathered all the best advice we could find about taking online classes to put in this video. We were actually planning on releasing it in August/September, for the start of the school year, but we thought it might help people more now.  Share it with all the teachers and students you know!

Stay home and stay safe, Socratica Friends!


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