Course Overview

Mathematica Essentials is a Pro Course from Socratica.

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The name Mathematica may sound like the program is just for mathematics; but it can be used in ANY computational field: financial analysis, machine learning, data visualization, bioinformatics, speech recognition, and much, much more.

Our Mathematica Essentials course includes the following lessons:

  1. Introduction & Overview to Mathematica and the Wolfram Language
  2. First Notebook - Mathematica Essentials
  3. Mathematica as a Calculator
  4. Numerical Types
  5. Cells
  6. Mathematica Documentation
  7. Functions
  8. Custom Functions
  9. Lists
  10. Expressions - The Building Block of Everything
  11. Introduction to Plots
  12. 2D Graphics - Primitives & Directives
  13. 3D Graphics
  14. Import & Export
  15. Solving Equations in Mathematica
  16. Polynomial Equations
  17. Derivatives
  18. Integrals
  19. Entities in Mathematica
  20. Modular Arithmetic

In addition to the 20 lessons above, our course also has some bonus features:

  • Watch the Cursor
  • Using Stylesheets
  • Reducing Square Brackets
  • Text Sizing
  • Exporting Plots & Graphics

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