Study Tips

Cornell Notes (6:02)
Feynman Technique (5:45)
Improve Your Vocabulary (5:29)
How to Use Flash Cards (5:50)
Pomodoro Technique (6:04)
How to Read a Textbook (7:43)
Organize Your Desk (8:23)
Speed Reading (10:38)
Multiple Choice Tests (11:15)
Picking Your College Major (7:25)
How to Love Reading (9:25)
How to Manage Stress (11:07)
Google Tips (7:33)
New Year's Resolutions (6:33)
How to Memorize Pi (7:42)
Standardized Tests (SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.) (9:18)
How to Learn a Foreign Language (10:09)
How to Study for a Test (10:02)
How to Use Office Hours (7:10)
Test Taking Strategies (9:13)
Mnemonic Devices (Improve Your Memory) (6:13)
How to Study Physics (14:43)
How to Study Programming (6:03)
How to Work From Home Effectively (15:48)
How to Take Online Classes (11:42)