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Chemistry Practice Test: The Mole & Molar Mass

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A 50-question Chemistry practice test about the mole and molar mass by Kimberly Hatch Harrison.

This practice test includes 50 questions (true/false, matching, multiple choice, short answer, and problems with calculations). Topics covered include: the mole, Avogadro's number, molar mass, the volume of a mole of gas, and conversions using grams, moles, and molar mass. A complete answer key is included, with problems worked in full.

This download features:

  • 50 questions
  • Complete answer key
  • Different question styles
  • Links to resources

This digital .pdf is viewable across computers, tables, phones, etc. or can be printed to fill out at your desk. You will receive an email link to download this document immediately after purchase. This is a digital download and no item be shipped.