What are Functional Groups?
In biological molecules, the carbon skeleton determines their general 3D shape. But what’s on the surface of the molecules determines their chemical behavior. Small chemical species, hanging off the exterior of these molecules, bump into each other and react. These are known as FUNCTIONAL GROUPS. To understand what kinds of chemical reactions biological molecules can do, you have to understand the chemical behavior of the functional groups on the surface of the molecule.
Short set of study notes to learn about the most common Functional Groups in biochemistry.
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Biology is the study of Life. In this course, we will explore topics in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Viruses, Evolution, Bacteria and Archaea, Protists, Plants (Botany), Fungi, Animals (Zoology), Anatomy & Physiology,Reproduction, Development, Animal Behavior, and Ecology. This course is designed for advanced High School Students (AP Biology) and first and second-year college students. Many topics in modern biology are dependent on an understanding of Chemistry - we encourage you to explore our Chemistry playlist as well!