Unit Conversion & Dimensional Analysis


This is our second unit conversion video. This style of problem solving is also sometimes called "Dimensional Analysis." This video contains two completely worked examples of unit conversion using more than one conversion factor. If you are just starting out with unit conversion, watch our first video on unit conversion before this one! We study unit conversion and dimensional analysis in chemistry class, because it is so useful in solving chemistry problems. But you'll find it helpful in math, physics, engineering...so many different subjects. This video can really help if you are unfamiliar with working with metric units and doing metric conversions. There are two examples worked in full. We'll be your very own homework tutor for chemistry!

In science classes, you often do problems that require unit conversions. This is especially important for conversions to and from the metric system (pounds to kilograms, for instance).

This style of problem solving is also called “dimensional analysis.” We’ve made two videos that take you through this subject. The first video shows you how you can use a conversion factor to change units. This second video has examples of using multiple conversion factors. Both videos have example problems worked in full.

Video 1: Intro to  Unit Conversions

Video 2: Advanced Unit Conversions

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