Rest, VEX & Attributes

While exploring Houdini, I learned how to use VEX to imitate the behavior of the Rest and Color geometry nodes. The Rest node simply adds a new vector to the geometry spreadsheet called 'rest' which copies over the position values (P) for each point. The Color SOP adds a "color vector" called "Cd" to the geometry spreadsheet with the RGB values you select. I demonstrate this and also show how you can name the color data anything you want, and then copy it over to a geometry using the Attribute Copy node.

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With our Houdini series we'll take an exploratory approach. Playing around with all the different nodes, and trying to build interesting & challenging models and simulations. Houdini can be intimidating at first, but with a little bit of experimentation, the complexity starts to dissolve and a powerful and simple tool emerges. I hope you will learn to love Houdini as much as we do!