Picking Your College Major

If you're headed off to college, you're bound to hear this question soon: What's Your MAJOR? What are you going to MAJOR in? What, you don't know what you're doing for the rest of your life yet? Don't worry, Socratica Friends. Let's talk about how to figure out what college major is right for you. For instance, we recommend you start paying closer attention to what GRABS your attention! What headlines do you pay attention to in the news? Are you interested in medical discoveries? Or are you more interested in what's happening in politics? Little clues like this will help you become more aware of what might be your true calling in life. You may also be interested in taking an "Interests Assessment" test. Your school may offer one of these for free, so be sure to check with your campus career development office. But if not, there are companies that will give you one of these tests (like the Strong Inventory Assessment) and explain what your scores mean. You can also, of course, ask your friends and family for advice. But remember, ultimately, this is YOUR decision. So listen to your heart! And your gut. And your brain.

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