How to Read a Textbook

Did you know that reading a textbook is different from reading for pleasure? Hopefully you *will* have fun reading your textbook, but what we mean is that you don’t read your textbook straight through, cover to cover. Instead, we have a much more efficient technique to tell you about! The steps for How To Read a Textbook include: ♦ Pre-reading (read the title, headings, and examine the illustrations) ♦ Read the summaries (the condensed info at the beginning and the end of the chapter) ♦ Read while taking notes ♦ Review your notes (and quiz yourself). Don’t forget how useful the Table of Contents and the Glossary can be! Many people forget to use these important parts of their textbooks. How many of these steps do you do? Do you want to improve your Reading Skills? We challenge you to change the way you read your textbook. It will make your studying much more efficient! Never feel overwhelmed by your homework reading assignment again!

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