How to Memorize Pi

Want a real challenge for your memory? How many digits of Pi do you think you can learn? In school, we first learned about how Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It’s also in the formula for the Area of a circle. But Pi just kept coming up over and over in math and physics. We used it so much, we almost accidentally learned about 6 digits by heart. But you can learn more - a LOT more! In this video, we share 3 of our favourite techniques for memorizing digits of Pi. We’ve even found a method for quickly memorizing 100 digits of Pi! Impress your friends on Pi Day (March 14th) 3-14 is Pi Day, which people celebrate by walking in circles, eating Pie, and reciting digits of Pi. There's also Pi Approximation Day (22/7 or July 22nd) - a second chance to celebrate!

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