How to Manage Stress

One thing that might be holding you back is STRESS. A little stress is good - it can help you focus and pay attention to the big events, like an important test or presentation. But you shouldn’t be stressed all the time. Chronic stress is bad for your health! Today we’re going to talk about some common sources of stress for students, and see if there are some ways you can eliminate - or at least minimize - their impact on your life. Some of these common sources of stress include: procrastination (and bad time management in general), lack of focus (and the concepts of mindfulness/meditation to improve your mental focus), and neglecting your social relationships. There’s also the physical side. Self care sends a beneficial message to your body that you are taking care of yourself! It’s important to eat right, get a little exercise, and lots of sleep. When in doubt, spend some time outside, and watch your caffeine intake. Everything in moderation! Remember that there are professional counselors available, especially if you are at a school. There are also “sliding scale” professionals that will work with your budget. Everyone can benefit from talking through their life challenges with a counselor.

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