How To Be a Great Student - Our First Book!

Socratica Friends, we're so dedicated to helping you become a GREAT STUDENT, we wrote a book for you: How to Be a Great Student You may know Socratica best for our videos about math, science, and computer programming. Our co-founder, Kimberly Hatch Harrison, is the creator behind our "meta" series of Study Tips, intended for students of all subjects. She writes this series, sharing her best advice for how to fix all your study woes. It doesn't matter if you study math, science, programming, or any subject, really—our Study Tips series is for everyone. In this book, Kimberly lets you in on all her secrets. Where did these tips come from? How did she figure it all out? Generally, the hard way, by making all kinds of mistakes. The important thing is, she LEARNED from those mistakes, and is here to share her hard-earned wisdom. Join us for a reading from the beginning of the book! You'll soon see why you probably need your own copy.

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Do you love to learn? We know you're serious about learning. That's what brings you to Socratica! We're starting a new series to help you be a GREAT student. All of us at Socratica are going to share our secrets for success. We're going to tell you all about how we get the most out of our study time, both in and out of the classroom. How to improve your memory. How to write a killer paper. How to get good grades. And lots more!