Fight Impostor Syndrome
Do you have a nagging little voice in your head that says you’re a FAKE? You’re afraid they’ll find out you don’t understand any of your classes, or you are secretly really bad at your job and you’re about to be fired? That’s the voice of IMPOSTOR SYNDROME. It’s a really common problem, especially for people who are working hard and trying to improve. In this video, we’ll talk about some of the possible root causes of impostor syndrome, and ways to fight back. You deserve to feel good about your hard work, Socratica Friends. Let’s tackle impostor syndrome together.
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Do you love to learn? We know you're serious about learning. That's what brings you to Socratica! We're starting a new series to help you be a GREAT student. All of us at Socratica are going to share our secrets for success. We're going to tell you all about how we get the most out of our study time, both in and out of the classroom. How to improve your memory. How to write a killer paper. How to get good grades. And lots more!