Balancing Chemical Equations Using Algebra


This is the second of two videos about balancing chemical equations. This video shows the algebraic method - how to balance chemical equations fast using ALGEBRA. That is, you make an algebraic equation and solve for the unknowns - the coefficients in the balanced chemical equation. We also explain *why* it's so important to balance chemical equations - if you don't, you violate the laws of the universe! Our first video demonstrated the inspection, or "trial-and-error" method. Both videos have 5 examples. Try them both, and see which method works best for you.

When you start balancing chemical equations, you usually start with the “inspection method” which is a sort of “trial and error” method. You must carefully count how many of each kind of atom are on each side of the chemical equation, because matter cannot be created or destroyed during the course of the reaction.

As you get more familiar with this idea, you may want to graduate to the “algebraic” method of balancing chemical equations. In these two videos, we take you through the same five examples, solving them using these two methods.

Video 1: Introduction to Balancing Chemical Equations

Video 2: Balancing Chemical Equations with Algebra

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